Sonepur College, Sonepur

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SONEPUR COLLEGE provides excellent library facilities for its students and staff with more than 17,000 books in the +3 section and 5,000 books in the +2 section. It has two separate library buildings for the two streams with Reading Room facilities.


  • MEMBERSHIP: A student on roll of the college, members of the teaching staff and all other persons serving in the college are members of the Library. Privilege of membership can be extended to those persons specially permitted by the principal in writing.
  • WORKING HOURS: The library will remain open during college hours every working day. The last period of every working day is set apart for office work of the Library. During that period neither books will be issued nor will any return of books acknowledged. Other details shall be determined by the Principal from time to time.
  • No books shall be removed from the Library without the knowledge of the Librarian until it has been entered by the Librarian in the register kept for the purpose and entry attested by the borrower.
  • Members of staff for their immediate reference may however borrow books, on presentation of a slip duly signed by them, to be returned before the last period of the day.
  • Each borrower must examine the condition of the book before it is issued, otherwise in case of mutilation discovered later, the presumption will be against the last borrowers.
  • No marginal or other notes, no markings or underlining shall be made in the library books. Breach of this rule shall be punishable by fine at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Any book lost, damaged or defaced by a borrower must be replaced by him/her within a month beyond the time permitted. If the book is one of a set or series and the volume cannot be obtained singly, the whole set of series must be replaced by the borrower. Should the book be irreplaceable the borrower must pay an amount up to a maximum, double the catalogue price of the book.
  • The Librarian will report to the Principal against persons responsible for improper use of library books.

  • Books taken out of the Library must be returned to the librarian and on no account be transferred to any other person.
  • All books belonging to the Library in the possession of a borrower shall be returned to the library before the college closes for a vacation on or before the date notified by the Principal for the purpose.
  • Period allowed to students and other members of the library excepting the members of the teaching staff and others specially permitted by the Principal, is two weeks.
  • If a borrower, except members of the teaching staff, intends to get books standing in his/her name reissued, he/she must present the book at the library and get it reissued provided nobody else required them.
  • Books will be issued to students on submission of requisition slip, clearly mentioning the name, and no. of book therein. No books will be issued to a student member unless his/her library card accompanies the requisition slip. Card must be presented at the time of reissue and return of library book.
  • If a student loses his/her card, another card will be issued to his/her on application and on payment of fifty paisa.
  • Students, who shall not return library books in time, are liable to pay a fine of ten paise per day per book for each day of delay.
  • The librarian may demand the production of Identity Card and library card also from the student at the time of issue of books from the library.