Sonepur College, Sonepur

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Boys’ Hostel 1:
  • No. of seats: 50
  • Name of Superintendent: Sri S.K.Panigrahi, Lecturer in Zoology
Boys’ Hostel 2:
  • No. of seats: 50
  • Name of Superintendent: Dr.D.K.Pradhan, Lecturer in Philosophy
Fee Structure:
  • Admission Fee – Rs500/- to be paid at the time of admission.
  • Monthly Fees – Rs 400/- for each month. At the time of Admission two months fee Rs 800/- will be collected at a time.
  • Rs 2000/- will be collected at the time of admission as caution money which is refundable at the time of leaving the hostel, if no dues certificate is produced.
  • Boarder is to pay the meals charges decided by the authority in two instalments in a year.

Hostel Rules :

  • Admission to the college hostel is usually made in the beginning of the session. Seats are allotted on the basis of merit and conduct. Admission or re-admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right.
  • Seats will be allotted by the hostel superintendent taking into consideration of merits.
  • No boarder shall be allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission of the Superintendent. All dues must be clear up at the time of departure of the student, otherwise no TC will be issue.
  • Whenever boarders leave the hostel for any vacation or for any private purpose they must apply to the Superintendent for leave and obtain his permission.Any student remaining absent without prior permission will be liable to fine or removal from the hostel.
  • The hostel remains closed during Puja and summer vacation.Boarders wish to remain during such vacations have to obtain prior permission from the Superintendent.
  • The boarders are to take care of the furniture and other articles supplied to them. Any damage made by a boarder will be penalised by deducting the caution money deposited by him.
  • The study hours will be observed both in the morning and the evening as fixed by the Superintendent.Boarders are strictly prohibited to leave their rooms and cause disturbance to other by any action whatsoever.Morning and evening meals must be finished by a fixed time as decided by the superintendent.
  • The Superintendent will be responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline in the hostel. Any other rule and regulation regarding discipline may be introduced by the superintendent from time to time.

  • The internal management of the hostel will rest with the Superintendent.
  • The following are considered as breaches of discipline.
    • Absence from the hostel without leave.
    • Continued neglect of study.
    • Want of cleanliness and tidiness in the rooms.
    • Spitting about the room and veranda.
    • Frequent absence from the hostel.
  • The following practices are strictly forbidden in the hostel.Its practice will lead to expulsion from the hostel or any other penalty as the authority deems fit.
    • Introduction of any unauthorized person into the hostel.
    • Singing or playing musical instruments,or switching on radio or TV etc.expect during hours prescribed by the Superintendent.
    • Holding of any meeting without the approval of the Superintendent.
    • Joining or taking part in any association or meeting outside the college or being involved in its activities without permission of the Superintendent.
    • Writing on or disfiguring the walls and doors of the college hostel.
    • The use of drugs,intoxicants and tobacco.
    • Use of playing cards for any form of gambling.
  • Students may be removed from the hostel on the report of the Superintendent for habitual or gross misconduct or neglect of study or any other breach of discipline.
  • Contributions and dues shall be collected at the time of admission and every month on the date and time to fix by the Superintendent.

The principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the hostel.Ordinarily he exercises his control and supervision through the Superintendent appointed from among the members of the teaching staff who is in-charges of the day to day administration of the college hostel.