Sonepur College, Sonepur

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The College Session & Admission:
The college session beings on 1st June and closes on 31st May (the first term is from June to December and the second term is from January to May). Admission into various streams and classes in the college begins soon after the publication of the CHSE Examinations and continues till the last date prescribed by the Sambalpur University. Odisha.

Before a student is admitted to the college he/she has to sign an undertaking in the prescribed form to abide by the rules of the college.

Each student must register in the college office his/her address.He/she must also intimate any change of address to the college office at once.

Identity Card and Dress Code:
Every student must keep with them their Identity Cards issued by the Principal and produce it as and when necessary. If the original ID card is lost a duplicate ID card may be issued on payment of a requisite fee and submission of an application for the purpose along with a recent passport size photograph. The ID card is the proff of his/her bonafide studentship of the college and should not be tempered with under any circumstance. The ID card is to be renewed at the beginning of every year. It must be returned for cancellation while applying for C.L.C. The dress code, as prescribed by the college authorities at the beginning of the session, has to be strictly followed by students of the college, without which entry into the campus and classrooms is not allowed.

Tutorial Group:
As soon as groups are notified, it is the duty of the student to find out the tutorial group he/she belongs to. Is a student is not assigned any group, he/she must bring it in writing to the notice of the officer-in-charge, time table immediately.